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@grabbou grabbou released this Feb 15, 2019 · 2066 commits to master since this release

THIS IS A RELEASE CANDIDATE: this means it's not stable yet.

Please refrain from upgrading from now, unless you want to collaborate in testing it to make sure that 0.59.0 will be fully stable - which would be super useful 🤗

To test it, run react-native init RN059 --version react-native@next 🚢

Some of the major changes that this version will bring:

  • React Hooks 🎣
  • the CLI is extracted to this repository
  • quite a few new deprecated Components
  • a whole lot of QoL improvements on the native Android side (64 bits support via a new JSC, AppCompatActivity, etc) - some of which will be Breaking Changes (for brownfield apps) 💥

(once we reach stable we will create the full changelog, these are only a few highlights)

You can refer to this issue for updates on the RC status, and you can post there your bug reports.

If you feel particularly brave: you'll find a new metro.config.js in your App template:
turn the two flags to true which may bring significant perf improvements. Here is a basic explanation of inline requires/imports.

You can find the whole changelog history over at react-native-releases.

For differences from v0.59.0-rc.2, see this list of commits

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