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@grabbou grabbou released this Apr 8, 2019 · 7057 commits to master since this release

This is a patch fix release addressing regressions, crashes, and a few developer-experience pain points. Thanks everyone who contributed code or participated in the discussion for cherry-picking commits. You can participate to the conversation for the next patch release in the dedicated issue.


iOS specific

  • Add scrollToOverflowEnabled prop to ScrollView - e3ac329


  • Fixed touchable long-press - 05723ed

Android specific

  • Prevent a crash when setting underlineColorAndroid - d6bca97

iOS specific

  • Fix universal links not working in iOS 12 / Xcode 10 - 836a8e0
  • Fix triangle views - 0167cf2

You can find the whole changelog history over at react-native-releases.

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