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This patch release is specifically targetted towards fixing iOS build problems in Xcode 12.5. If it doesn't help, please refer to this issue.

Aside from bumping your version from 0.64.0 to 0.64.1, please check your podfile.lock and make sure that Flipper is on 0.75 or higher, and Flipper-Folly is 2.5.3 or higher; if not, add this line to your podfile (or modify it if you already had it):

use_flipper!('Flipper' => '0.75.1', 'Flipper-Folly' => '2.5.3', 'Flipper-RSocket' => '1.3.1')

After which, do all the classic necessary cleans (node_modules, caches, pod folders, etc)(react-native-clean-project is your ally) then do yarn install and a pod install --repo-update (if pod install fails on an error about a Flipper package, just remove the relevant lines from the podfile.lock and run the pod install again).

The only other commit picked & released along the Xcode 12.5 fixes is:

  • Update validateBaseUrl to use latest regex (commit) which fixes CVE-2020-1920, GHSL-2020-293.

You can participate in the conversation on the status of this release at this issue.

To help you upgrade to this version, you can use the upgrade helper ⚛️

You can find the whole changelog history over at react-native-releases.