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yungsters and facebook-github-bot RN: Workaround for ReactNativeART on Android
Brings back the fix for `overflow: hidden` on Android by implementing a workaround for a bug with `ReactNativeART`.

The ReactNativeART bug is that changes in the canvas due to a resize of the `Surface` are not properly reflected on Android. I have verified that the correct props are being computed and passed to the shadow nodes and that the `ARTSurfaceView`'s canvas is indeed updated. But for some reason, the paint is not updated.

This workaround is to simply unmount and remount `Surface` on Android. It sucks and we should eventually fix it.

Reviewed By: achen1

Differential Revision: D8818010

fbshipit-source-id: 71d1927580b6bde7263fd241797d4655140b5f34
Latest commit d756d94 Jul 12, 2018