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mmmulani and facebook-github-bot Fix onTextLayout metrics on Android when using alignText
With this, we send the correct x position when using center or right aligned text. In order to accomplish this though, we have to pass the text alignment into the Layout object that we create.

Also update RNTester to allow us to try different alignments.

Reviewed By: sahrens

Differential Revision: D10316494

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The RNTester showcases React Native views and modules.

Running this app

Before running the app, make sure you ran:

git clone https://github.com/facebook/react-native.git
cd react-native
npm install

Running on iOS

Mac OS and Xcode are required.

  • Open RNTester/RNTester.xcodeproj in Xcode
  • Hit the Run button

See Running on device if you want to use a physical device.

Running on iOS with CocoaPods

Similar to above, you can build the app via Xcode with help of CocoaPods.

  • Install CocoaPods
  • Run cd RNTester; pod install
  • Open the generated RNTesterPods.xcworkspace (this is not checked in). Do not open RNTesterPods.xcodeproj directly.

Running on Android

You'll need to have all the prerequisites (SDK, NDK) for Building React Native installed.

Start an Android emulator (Genymotion is recommended).

cd react-native
./gradlew :RNTester:android:app:installDebug

Note: Building for the first time can take a while.

Open the RNTester app in your emulator.

See Running on Device in case you want to use a physical device.

Running with Buck

Follow the same setup as running with gradle.

Install Buck from here.

Run the following commands from the react-native folder:

./gradlew :ReactAndroid:packageReactNdkLibsForBuck
buck fetch rntester
buck install -r rntester

Note: The native libs are still built using gradle. Full build with buck is coming soon(tm).

Built from source

Building the app on both iOS and Android means building the React Native framework from source. This way you're running the latest native and JS code the way you see it in your clone of the github repo.

This is different from apps created using react-native init which have a dependency on a specific version of React Native JS and native code, declared in a package.json file (and build.gradle for Android apps).