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Development monorepo for "React Strict DOM".

React Strict DOM (RSD) is an experimental integration of React DOM and StyleX that aims to improve and standardize the development of styled React components for web and native. The goal of RSD is to improve the speed and efficiency of React development without compromising on performance, reliability, or quality. Building with RSD is helping teams at Meta ship features faster, to more platforms, with fewer engineers.

To support native platforms, RSD builds on the design goals of the "React DOM for Native proposal" by polyfilling a large number of standard APIs, and by leveraging new web capabilities coming to React Native such as DOM traversal and layout APIs and a well-defined event loop processing model.

React Native compatibility is a work in progress. Please see for a detailed breakdown and links to specific issues; register your interest (e.g., thumbsup reaction) in supporting missing features on native platforms.


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    • Contains workflows used by GitHub Actions.
    • Contains issue templates.
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    • Contains configuration files used by the monorepo tooling (compiling, linting, testing, etc.)
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  • build
    • Use npm run build to run the build script in every workspace.
    • Use npm run build -w <package-name> to run the build script for a specific workspace.
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    • Use npm run dev to run the dev script in every workspace.
    • Use npm run dev -w <package-name> to run the dev script for a specific workspace.
  • test
    • Use npm run test to run tests for every workspace.

More details and setup instructions can be found in the CONTRIBUTING guide.

Code of conduct

This project expects all participants to adhere to Meta's OSS Code of Conduct. Please read the full text so that you can understand what actions will and will not be tolerated.


React Strict DOM is MIT licensed.


React Strict DOM (RSD) is a subset of React DOM, imperative DOM, and CSS that supports web and native targets



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