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Fix issue template for questions (#17817)

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necolas committed Jan 10, 2020
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
name: "🤔 Questions and Help"
about: This issue tracker is not for questions. Please ask questions at
title: 'Question: '
labels: 'Resolution: Invalid', 'Type: Question'
labels: 'Resolution: Invalid, Type: Question'


@@ -12,18 +12,18 @@ As it happens, support requests that are created as issues are likely to be clos

## Coding Questions


If you have a coding question related to React and React DOM, it might be better suited for Stack Overflow. It's a great place to browse through frequent questions about using React, as well as ask for help with specific questions.

## Talk to other React developers

There are many online forums which are a great place for discussion about best practices and application architecture as well as the future of React.

Reactiflux is an active community of React and React Native developers. If you are looking for immediate assistance or have a general question about React, the #help-react channel is a good place to start.

## Proposals


If you'd like to discuss topics related to the future of React, or would like to propose a new feature or change before sending a pull request, please check out the discussions and proposals repository.

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