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@sophiebits sophiebits released this Nov 21, 2014 · 11887 commits to master since this release

React Core

New Features

  • Added warnings to help migrate towards descriptors
  • Made it possible to server render without React-related markup (data-reactid, data-react-checksum). This DOM will not be mountable by React. Read the docs for React.renderComponentToStaticMarkup
  • Added support for more attributes:
    • srcSet for <img> to specify images at different pixel ratios
    • textAnchor for SVG

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure all void elements don’t insert a closing tag into the markup.
  • Ensure className={false} behaves consistently
  • Ensure this.refs is defined, even if no refs are specified.



  • Added an option argument to transform function. The only option supported is harmony, which behaves the same as jsx --harmony on the command line. This uses the ES6 transforms from jstransform.
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