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@sophiebits sophiebits released this 21 Nov 00:33
· 16349 commits to main since this release

React Core

Breaking Changes

  • getDefaultProps() is now called once per class and shared across all instances
  • MyComponent() now returns a descriptor, not an instance
  • React.isValidComponent and React.PropTypes.component validate descriptors, not component instances
  • Custom propType validators should return an Error instead of logging directly

New Features

  • Rendering to null
  • Keyboard events include normalized e.key and e.getModifierState() properties
  • New normalized onBeforeInput event
  • React.Children.count has been added as a helper for counting the number of children

Bug Fixes

  • Re-renders are batched in more cases
  • Events: e.view properly normalized
  • Added Support for more HTML attributes (coords, crossOrigin, download, hrefLang, mediaGroup, muted, scrolling, shape, srcSet, start, useMap)
  • Improved SVG support
    • Changing className on a mounted SVG component now works correctly
    • Added support for elements mask and tspan
    • Added support for attributes dx, dy, fillOpacity, fontFamily, fontSize, markerEnd, markerMid, markerStart, opacity, patternContentUnits, patternUnits, preserveAspectRatio, strokeDasharray, strokeOpacity
  • CSS property names with vendor prefixes (Webkit, ms, Moz, O) are now handled properly
  • Duplicate keys no longer cause a hard error; now a warning is logged (and only one of the children with the same key is shown)
  • img event listeners are now unbound properly, preventing the error "Two valid but unequal nodes with the same data-reactid"
  • Added explicit warning when missing polyfills

React With Addons

  • PureRenderMixin: a mixin which helps optimize "pure" components
  • Perf: a new set of tools to help with performance analysis
  • Update: New $apply command to transform values
  • TransitionGroup bug fixes with null elements, Android

React NPM Module

  • Now includes the pre-built packages under dist/.
  • envify is properly listed as a dependency instead of a peer dependency


  • Added support for namespaces, eg <Components.Checkbox />
  • JSXTransformer
    • Enable the same harmony features available in the command line with <script type="text/jsx;harmony=true">
    • Scripts are downloaded in parallel for more speed. They are still executed in order (as you would expect with normal script tags)
    • Fixed a bug preventing sourcemaps from working in Firefox

React Tools Module

  • Improved readme with usage and API information
  • Improved ES6 transforms available with --harmony option
  • Added --source-map-inline option to the jsx executable
  • New transformWithDetails API which gives access to the raw sourcemap data