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@zpao zpao released this Jul 29, 2016 · 7440 commits to master since this release


  • Add React.PureComponent - a new base class to extend, replacing react-addons-pure-render-mixin now that mixins don't work with ES2015 classes. (@spicyj in #7195)
  • Add new warning when modifying this.props.children. (@jimfb in #7001)
  • Fixed issue with ref resolution order. (@gaearon in #7101)
  • Warn when mixin is undefined. (@swaroopsm in #6158)
  • Downgrade "unexpected batch number" invariant to a warning. (@spicyj in #7133)
  • Validate arguments to oneOf and oneOfType PropTypes sooner. (@troydemonbreun in #6316)
  • Warn when calling PropTypes directly. (@Aweary in #7132, #7194)
  • Improve warning when using Maps as children. (@keyanzhang in #7260)
  • Add additional type information to the PropTypes.element warning. (@alexzherdev in #7319)
  • Improve component identification in no-op setState warning. (@keyanzhang in #7326)

React DOM

  • Fix issue with nested server rendering. (@Aweary in #7033)
  • Add xmlns, xmlnsXlink to supported SVG attributes. (@salzhrani in #6471)
  • Add referrerPolicy to supported HTML attributes. (@Aweary in #7274)
  • Fix issue resulting in <input type="range"> initial value being rounded. (@troydemonbreun in #7251)

React Test Renderer

React Perf Add-on

  • Fix issue resulting in excessive warnings when encountering an internal measurement error. (@sassanh in #7299)

React TestUtils Add-on

  • Implement type property on for events created via TestUtils.Simulate.*. (@yaycmyk in #6154)
  • Fix crash when running TestUtils with the production build of React. (@gaearon in #7246)
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