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@zpao zpao released this 19 Aug 18:52


React DOM

  • Avoid <input> validation warning from browsers when changing type. (@nhunzaker in #7333)
  • Avoid "Member not found" exception in IE10 when calling stopPropagation() in Synthetic Events. (@nhunzaker in #7343)
  • Fix issue resulting in inability to update some <input> elements in mobile browsers. (@keyanzhang in #7397)
  • Fix memory leak in server rendering. (@keyanzhang in #7410)
  • Fix issue resulting in <input type="range"> values not updating when changing min or max. (@troydemonbreun in #7486)
  • Add new warning for rare case of attempting to unmount a container owned by a different copy of React. (@ventuno in #7456)

React Test Renderer

  • Fix ReactTestInstance::toJSON() with empty top-level components. (@Morhaus in #7523)

React Native Renderer

  • Change trackedTouchCount invariant into a console.error for better reliability. (@yungsters in #7400)