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15.5.0 (April 7, 2017)

Note: this release has a critical issue and was deprecated. Please update to 15.5.4 or higher.


  • Added a deprecation warning for React.createClass. Points users to create-react-class instead. (@acdlite in d9a4fa4)
  • Added a deprecation warning for React.PropTypes. Points users to prop-types instead. (@acdlite in 043845c)
  • Fixed an issue when using ReactDOM together with ReactDOMServer. (@wacii in #9005)
  • Fixed issue with Closure Compiler. (@anmonteiro in #8895)
  • Another fix for Closure Compiler. (@Shastel in #8882)
  • Added component stack info to invalid element type warning. (@n3tr in #8495)

React DOM

  • Fixed Chrome bug when backspacing in number inputs. (@nhunzaker in #7359)
  • Added react-dom/test-utils, which exports the React Test Utils. (@bvaughn)

React Test Renderer

  • Fixed bug where componentWillUnmount was not called for children. (@gre in #8512)
  • Added react-test-renderer/shallow, which exports the shallow renderer. (@bvaughn)

React Addons

  • Last release for addons; they will no longer be actively maintained.
  • Removed peerDependencies so that addons continue to work indefinitely. (@acdlite and @bvaughn in 8a06cd7 and 67a8db3)
  • Updated to remove references to React.createClass and React.PropTypes (@acdlite in 12a96b9)
  • react-addons-test-utils is deprecated. Use react-dom/test-utils and react-test-renderer/shallow instead. (@bvaughn)