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  • Add Hooks — a way to use state and other React features without writing a class. (@acdlite et al. in #13968)
  • Improve the useReducer Hook lazy initialization API. (@acdlite in #14723)

React DOM

  • Bail out of rendering on identical values for useState and useReducer Hooks. (@acdlite in #14569)
  • Use Object.is algorithm for comparing useState and useReducer values. (@Jessidhia in #14752)
  • Don’t compare the first argument passed to useEffect/useMemo/useCallback Hooks. (@acdlite in #14594)
  • Support synchronous thenables passed to React.lazy(). (@gaearon in #14626)
  • Render components with Hooks twice in Strict Mode (DEV-only) to match class behavior. (@gaearon in #14654)
  • Warn about mismatching Hook order in development. (@threepointone in #14585 and @acdlite in #14591)
  • Effect clean-up functions must return either undefined or a function. All other values, including null, are not allowed. @acdlite in #14119

React Test Renderer and Test Utils

  • Support Hooks in the shallow renderer. (@trueadm in #14567)
  • Fix wrong state in shouldComponentUpdate in the presence of getDerivedStateFromProps for Shallow Renderer. (@chenesan in #14613)
  • Add ReactTestRenderer.act() and ReactTestUtils.act() for batching updates so that tests more closely match real behavior. (@threepointone in #14744)

ESLint Plugin: React Hooks


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