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18.3.0 (April 25, 2024)

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@rickhanlonii rickhanlonii released this 26 Apr 19:48

This release is identical to 18.2 but adds warnings for deprecated APIs and other changes that are needed for React 19.

Read the React 19 Upgrade Guide for more info.


  • Allow writing to this.refs to support string ref codemod 909071
  • Warn for deprecated findDOMNode outside StrictMode c3b283
  • Warn for deprecated test-utils methods d4ea75
  • Warn for deprecated Legacy Context outside StrictMode 415ee0
  • Warn for deprecated string refs outside StrictMode #25383
  • Warn for deprecated defaultProps for function components #25699
  • Warn when spreading key #25697
  • Warn when using act from test-utils d4ea75

React DOM

  • Warn for deprecated unmountComponentAtNode 8a015b
  • Warn for deprecated renderToStaticNodeStream #28874