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threepointone await act(async () => ...) (#14853)
This took a while, but I'm happy I went through it. Some key moments - recursively flushing effects, flushing microtasks on each async turn, and my team's uncompromising philosophy on code reuse. Really happy with this. I still want to expand test coverage, and I have some more small related todos, but this is good to land. On to the next one. 

Soundtrack to landing this -

* hacked up act(async () => {...})

* move stuff around

* merge changes

* abstract .act warnings and stuff. all renderers. pass all tests.

* move testutils.act back into testutils

* move into scheduler, rename some bits

* smaller bundle

* a comment for why we don't do typeof === 'function'

* fix test

* pass tests - fire, prod

* lose actContainerElement

* tighter

* write a test for TestRenderer

it's an odd one, because not only does sync act not flush effects correctly, but the async one does (wut). verified it's fine with the dom version.

* lint

* rewrote to move flushing logic closer to the renderer

the scheduler's `flushPassiveEffects` didn't work as expected for the test renderer, so I decided to go back to the hack (rendering a dumb container) This also makes reactdom not as heavy (by a few bytes, but still).

* move it around so the delta isn't too bad

* cleanups

fix promise chaining
propagate errors correctly
test for thenable the 'right' way
more tests!

* Stray comment

* recursively flush effects

* fixed tests

* lint, move noop.act into react-reconciler

* microtasks when checking if called, s/called/calledLog, cleanup

* pass fb lint

we could have globally changed our eslint config to assume Promise is available, but that means we expect a promise polyfill on the page, and we don't yet. this code is triggered only in jest anyway, and we're fairly certain Promise will be available there. hence, the once-off disable for the check

* shorter timers, fix a test, test for Promise

* use global.Promise for existence check

* flush microtasks

* a version that works in browsers (that support postMessage)

I also added a sanity fixture inside fixtures/dom/ mostly for me.

* hoist flushEffectsAndMicroTasks

* pull out tick logic from ReactFiberScheduler

* fix await act (...sync) hanging

- fix a hang when awaiting sync logic
- a better async/await test for test renderer

* feedback changes

- use node's setImmediate if available
- a warning if MessageChannel isn't available
- rename some functions

* pass lint/flow checks (without requiring a Promise polyfill/exclusion)

* prettier

the prettiest, even.

* use globalPromise for the missed await warning

* __DEV__ check for didWarnAboutMessageChannel

* thenables and callbacks instead of promises, pass flow/lint

* tinier. better.

- pulled most bits out of FiberScheduler
- actedUpdates uses callbacks now

* pass build validation

* augh prettier

* golfing 7 more chars

* Test that effects are not flushed without also flushing microtasks

* export doesHavePendingPassiveEffects, nits

* createAct()

* dead code

* missed in merge?

* lose the preflushing bits

* ugh prettier

* removed `actedUpdates()`, created shared/actingUpdatesScopeDepth

* rearrange imports so builds work, remove the hack versions of flushPassiveEffects

* represent actingUpdatesScopeDepth as a tuple [number]

* use a shared flag on React.__SECRET...

* remove createAct, setup act for all relevant renderers

* review feedback


import ReactSharedInternals from 'shared/ReactSharedInternals';

simpler act() internals


* move act() implementation into createReactNoop

* warnIfNotCurrentlyActingUpdatesInDev condition check order
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