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IO "suspense" demo

What is this fixture?

This is a demo application based on Dan Abramov's recent JSConf Iceland talk about React.

It depends on a local build of React and enables us to easily test async and "suspense" APIs in a more "real world app" like context.

Can I use this code in production?

No. The APIs being tested here are unstable and some of them have still not been released to NPM. For now, this fixture is only a test harness.

How do I run this fixture?

Clone the React repository.

Follow these steps:

# 1: Build react from source
cd /path/to/react
yarn build react-dom/index,react/index,react-cache,scheduler --type=NODE

# 2: Install fixture dependencies
cd fixtures/unstable-async/suspense/

# 3: Run the app
yarn start