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This is an experimental package for creating custom React renderers.

Its API is not as stable as that of React, React Native, or React DOM, and does not follow the common versioning scheme.

Use it at your own risk.


var Reconciler = require('react-reconciler');

var ReconcilerConfig = {
  // You'll need to implement some methods here.
  // See below for more information and examples.

var MyRenderer = Reconciler(ReconcilerConfig);

var RendererPublicAPI = {
  render(element, container, callback) {
    // Call MyRenderer.updateContainer() to schedule changes on the roots.
    // See ReactDOM, React Native, or React ART for practical examples.

module.exports = RendererPublicAPI;

Practical Examples

If these links break please file an issue and we’ll fix them. They intentionally link to the latest versions since the API is still evolving.

This third-party tutorial is relatively up-to-date and may be helpful.