benjamn Convert runtime.js to a normal CommonJS module. (#353)
If this works, then it removes the need for hacks to discover the global
object, which continues to be problematic (e.g. #336, #346).

Importantly, the regenerator-runtime/runtime.js module can still be
evaluated as a non-CJS script, and it will not pollute the global scope
except for defining regeneratorRuntime.
Latest commit 5703a79 Aug 7, 2018


Standalone runtime for Regenerator-compiled generator and async functions.

To import the runtime as a module (recommended), either of the following import styles will work:

// CommonJS
const regeneratorRuntime = require("regenerator-runtime");

// ECMAScript 2015
import regeneratorRuntime from "regenerator-runtime";

To ensure that regeneratorRuntime is defined globally, either of the following styles will work:

// CommonJS

// ECMAScript 2015
import "regenerator-runtime/runtime";

To get the absolute file system path of runtime.js, evaluate the following expression: