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H1 2016

These reflect the current plans of Relay Team as of the 14 March 2016 Sync. For the latest information as plans evolve, see the Meeting Notes.


  • Mobile First: support React Native product teams at Facebook.
  • Performance
  • Simplicity with predictable degrees of correctness.
    • Balancing product sophistication vs speed of iteration on Relay core.
  • Provide low-level primitives so that product teams and OSS users can build tooling in user space (as they can with React).
  • Reduce support costs:
    • Identify and address common types of issues.
    • Simplify the API and improve documentation to help developers understand the framework better.

Current Projects

  • Improve mutations.
  • Persisted queries.
  • RelayConnection API.
  • Unified response handling (GraphMode).
  • Simpler/faster core (#559, also ideas in Potential Projects).

Potential Projects

  • Split Relay core and react-relay; core provides basic primitives to build tools in userspace. (#559)
  • Investigate "persisted"/native cache readers (read from cache in native code).
  • Reduce memory usage (improve garbage collection or rethink).
  • Potential improved integration with React.
  • Support TTL or some other cache expiration policy.
  • Local schema and/or Redux integration.
  • ...and other issues tagged as enhancements.