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@wincent wincent released this Dec 12, 2016 · 2445 commits to master since this release

  • Update babel-relay-plugin to use graphql@0.8.2, which supports the latest revision of the GraphQL specification.
  • Fix an issue with custom scalar field arguments not printing correctly.
  • Promoted RelayGraphQLMutation to public API.
  • Added rollback method to RelayGraphQLMutation.
  • Added initial preparatory changes for moving to the new Relay API methods in a future release (eg. BabelPluginGraphQL).
  • Avoid unnecessary un-ready updates.
  • Add graphiqlPrinter argument to the RelayNetworkDebug constructor that can be used to print a link to view the request in GraphiQL.
  • Fix problem using "node" as a key in a mutation response payload.
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