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@jstejada jstejada released this 20 Feb 21:11
· 7042 commits to main since this release

This release introduces several changes, some of the most relevant ones are highlighted here.


  • Relay Containers are now Flow typed, however Flow types are not yet exported (#2284).
  • Relay Compiler now generates Flow types for GraphQL enum values.
  • Add undocumented support for client-only schema extensions using .graphql files. Extensions only work on existing types, and does not currently support adding client-only types to the schema.
  • Add experimental and undocumented support for QueryRenderer to render directly from store if data is available using new dataFrom prop.
  • Add hooks to enable and disable Relay GC in the store.
  • New ConcreteNode format supporting Batch requests.

Potentially Breaking:

  • Support for client-only schema extensions requires that your GraphQL schema not be inside your the directory you specify as src to the relay-compiler (#2346).
  • Changes the type of RelayNetwork.execute to return a RelayObservable with variables and node, in addition to the QueryPayload. However, RelayNetwork.create maintains the same API (c058ffc).


  • Fix passing a single item to a "list" input argument (42c1119).
  • Fix end cursor when fetch returned zero edges in Pagination Container (a17b462).
  • No longer throw false alarm error in RelayConcreteVariables (0398585).
  • Properly handle complex GraphQL argument literals in the compiler (bb02769).
  • Calling viewer handler multiple times should not accidentally cause viewer to be null (f442fcd).
  • Fix issue when using multiple connectionInfo for RANGE_ADD mutation (7f2013d).
  • Fix issue in Relay Compiler when parsing non-null input (4baa970).
  • Fix pagination on empty connections (62c8b43).


  • Ensure the Relay build has run and is not using outdated GraphQL fragments. Optionally this can be turned off in the babel plugin settings (a628637).
  • Update all callers of react-relay to use CommonJS requires.
  • Speed up getIdentifierForSelection.
  • Compiler doesn't warn on missing fields with abstract types anymore.
  • Relay Compiler now de-duplicates identical objects when generating JSON artifacts which decreases size of artifacts and improves compressability.
  • Disable NoFragmentCyclesRule; can now use Fragments recursively.
  • Remove RecordSourceInspector which is of marginal value, especially now that we have a useful devtools app.
  • Print timing information in compiler —verbose mode.
  • Add option to Compiler to be —quiet.
  • Upgrade to graphql-js v0.13.0.
  • Upgrade to latest version of fast-glob.
  • Upgrade to babylon7 in Relay Compiler to support new JSX Fragment syntax.
  • Remove graphql.experimental.
  • Several Flow typing improvements.
  • Several documentation fixes.
  • Move test utils to their own package: relay-test-utils.
  • Add support for accessing Components wrapped in a Container in tests.
  • Use jest snapshots for relay-compiler tests.