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Commits: v1.6.0...master

Potentially Breaking:

  • Bump graphql peer dependency to ^0.13.0
  • Use React.forwardRef. This is a breaking change for people relying on the relayContainer.refs.component implementation detail.


  • Introduce @relay(mask: false) directive for fragment *definitions: *Applied to a fragment definition, @relay(mask: false) changes the generated Flow types to be more usable when the fragment is spread with the same directive; The Flow types will no longer be exact objects and no longer contain internal marker fields.


  • Fix pagination after using refetchConnection in Pagination Container
  • Use aliases for __typename generated fields in the union (#2465)
  • Fix issue in React Async mode where container would render inconsistent data if rendering was interrupted.
  • RelayConnectionHandler now properly writes page_info after refetching a connection
  • Fix issue where RelayContainerUtils didn't recognize React.forwardRef as React.Component
  • Properly guard agains errors thrown inside mutation or subscription updater functions


  • De-hastify relay-runtime, set main entry in relay-runtime package.json.
  • dedupeJSONStringify is now more effective
  • Speed up relay-compiler by caching client schema extensions.
  • Expose applyOptimisticUpdate on RelayModern.
  • relay-compiler can now compile JS files with optionalChaining syntax.
  • relay-compiler can now compile JS files with nullishCoalescingOperator syntax.
  • relay-compiler can now compile JS files with optionalCatchBinding syntax.
  • relay-compiler has better warnings when required variables are not passed in.
  • relay-compiler now generates operation Flow types: 5d83328.
  • Bump fbjs dependency to 0.8.17.
  • Bump fast-glob dependency to 2.2.2.
  • Several documentation improvements.