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@jstejada jstejada released this 31 Oct 16:12

Commits: v1.6.2...v1.7.0

This release comes with two exciting contributions from external contributors:

Language Plugins

While we at Facebook only support JS and Flow flavored JS and generate optional Flow types, supporting TypeScript had been difficult. #2293 by @alloy does the required refactoring to allow other developers to write plugins to add this missing support.

Create React App support

Create React App tries to minimize dependencies, so including Relay's Babel plugin for everyone didn't make much sense. This meant that using Relay with Create React App wasn't possible without ejecting.
This release adds babel-plugin-relay/macro (@apalm, #2171) which in the upcoming react-scripts@2.0.0 will make it possible to use Relay without ejecting powered by babel-plugin-macros (


  • Support for language plugins (@alloy, #2293)
  • Support for babel-plugin-macros (@apalm, #2171)
  • Updated to babel@7.0.0-beta.56 to extract GraphQL strings for the compiler
  • Pagination and Refetch containers now warn when a request is triggered when they're unmounted. (@alunyov)


  • Fix double fetching in QueryRenderer in React Concurrent mode (@flarnie)
  • Fix rendering sibling QueryRenderers that have the same query and variables
  • relay-compiler is no longer a peerDependency of relay-runtime as it's not needed during deployment. Make sure to keep all Relay packages at the same version! (@kassens)


  • Removed long deprecated RelayNetwork.streamQuery and RelayNetwork.sendSubscription