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Commits: v7.1.0...v8.0.0


  • Relay Compiler no longer relies on the graphql-js schema representation. And consumes only SDL file that represents the schema. This means that all custom implementations relay compiler runners that were depended on the specifics of the graphql-js may not work as expected. Specifically, custom Enum values are no longer available in the relay-compiler - as they cannot be expressed via SDL. Also, custom function parseValue, parseLiteral and serialize that can be defined for a graphql type via graphql-js primitives are not accessible in the relay compiler: this may break serialization of custom scalars. 860c23c
  • Babel plugin no longer produces thunks: 490c89d
  • Mutations are committed to unique root ids #2349. In mutation updaters, fields in the mutation will no longer be available in the store root returned from store.getRoot. Usages like store.getRoot().getLinkedRecord('create_comment_mutation') will break.
  • Removed internally unused RelayRecordSourceProxy::commitPayload(). Note that this method was not part of the public interface.
  • Signature of RelayStore.retain() changed to directly accept an OperationDescriptor. An operation descriptor to pass to RelayStore.retain()can be constructed usingcreateOperationDescriptoravailable inrelay-runtime`.


  • Allow language plugin to add schema extensions. #2935
  • In relay-compiler we added support for variables in complex objects and arrays: 5da3be0
  • isClientID helper is available to use in relay-runtime dac614c


  • Remove the clientMutationId requirement by creating a new root id for each executed mutation: #2349

  • validateMutation correctly handles lists of scalar fields in the optimistic payloads: 56795ba

  • DissalowIDAsAlias this validation had a bug, there it wasn't traversing LinkedFields, hence wasn't reporting violations in their selections. c4547f9

  • RelayModernFragmentSpecResolver only holds on to fragment references as opposed to all props passed to product code to reduce amount of leaked memory when rendering in React concurrent mode.

  • Fixed detecting whether the execution environment is a server: #2960


  • Relay codebase is using explicit inexact objects: 4e2cc2f
  • Added an options property on IEnvironment for attaching extra information to the environment instance
  • Updated docs to consider Relay server specifications GraphQL best practices and not purely a Relay spec: #2603
  • has a new landing page redesign: #2953


  • Data Invalidation: Added new Data Invalidation primitives to allow marking data in the Relay Store as stale. When data is marked as stale, queries that reference that data will also be stale; stale queries will indicate to Relay that they need to be refetched the next time they are evaluated.
  • Deprecate LazyLoadEntryPointContainer => LazyLoadEntryPointContainer_DEPRECATED: 08bde91
  • Removed Unused types from RelayStoreTypes 76354e9
  • usePreloadedQuery now takes an unstable UNSTABLE_renderPolicy like useLazyLoadQuery: fc1b88b
  • useMutation Hook was added: 96d9703
  • Export a JSResource Flow interface from Relay.
  • Fixed subscribing to plural fragments with missing data when using useFragment.