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# Copyright (c) 2011-present, Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved.
# This source code is licensed under both the GPLv2 (found in the
# COPYING file in the root directory) and Apache 2.0 License
# (found in the LICENSE.Apache file in the root directory).
import copy
from advisor.db_log_parser import DataSource, NO_COL_FAMILY
from advisor.ini_parser import IniParser
import os
class OptionsSpecParser(IniParser):
def is_new_option(line):
return '=' in line
def get_section_type(line):
Example section header: [TableOptions/BlockBasedTable "default"]
Here ConfigurationOptimizer returned would be
section_path = line.strip()[1:-1].split()[0]
section_type = '.'.join(section_path.split('/'))
return section_type
def get_section_name(line):
# example: get_section_name('[CFOptions "default"]')
token_list = line.strip()[1:-1].split('"')
# token_list = ['CFOptions', 'default', '']
if len(token_list) < 3:
return None
return token_list[1] # return 'default'
def get_section_str(section_type, section_name):
# Example:
# Case 1: get_section_str('DBOptions', NO_COL_FAMILY)
# Case 2: get_section_str('TableOptions.BlockBasedTable', 'default')
section_type = '/'.join(section_type.strip().split('.'))
# Case 1: section_type = 'DBOptions'
# Case 2: section_type = 'TableOptions/BlockBasedTable'
section_str = '[' + section_type
if section_name == NO_COL_FAMILY:
# Case 1: '[DBOptions]'
return (section_str + ']')
# Case 2: '[TableOptions/BlockBasedTable "default"]'
return section_str + ' "' + section_name + '"]'
def get_option_str(key, values):
option_str = key + '='
# get_option_str('db_log_dir', None), returns 'db_log_dir='
if values:
# example:
# get_option_str('max_bytes_for_level_multiplier_additional',
# [1,1,1,1,1,1,1]), returned string:
# 'max_bytes_for_level_multiplier_additional=1:1:1:1:1:1:1'
if isinstance(values, list):
for value in values:
option_str += (str(value) + ':')
option_str = option_str[:-1]
# example: get_option_str('write_buffer_size', 1048576)
# returned string: 'write_buffer_size=1048576'
option_str += str(values)
return option_str
class DatabaseOptions(DataSource):
def is_misc_option(option_name):
# these are miscellaneous options that are not yet supported by the
# Rocksdb options file, hence they are not prefixed with any section
# name
return '.' not in option_name
def get_options_diff(opt_old, opt_new):
# type: Dict[option, Dict[col_fam, value]] X 2 ->
# Dict[option, Dict[col_fam, Tuple(old_value, new_value)]]
# note: diff should contain a tuple of values only if they are
# different from each other
options_union = set(opt_old.keys()).union(set(opt_new.keys()))
diff = {}
for opt in options_union:
diff[opt] = {}
# if option in options_union, then it must be in one of the configs
if opt not in opt_old:
for col_fam in opt_new[opt]:
diff[opt][col_fam] = (None, opt_new[opt][col_fam])
elif opt not in opt_new:
for col_fam in opt_old[opt]:
diff[opt][col_fam] = (opt_old[opt][col_fam], None)
for col_fam in opt_old[opt]:
if col_fam in opt_new[opt]:
if opt_old[opt][col_fam] != opt_new[opt][col_fam]:
diff[opt][col_fam] = (
diff[opt][col_fam] = (opt_old[opt][col_fam], None)
for col_fam in opt_new[opt]:
if col_fam in opt_old[opt]:
if opt_old[opt][col_fam] != opt_new[opt][col_fam]:
diff[opt][col_fam] = (
diff[opt][col_fam] = (None, opt_new[opt][col_fam])
if not diff[opt]:
return diff
def __init__(self, rocksdb_options, misc_options=None):
# The options are stored in the following data structure:
# Dict[section_type, Dict[section_name, Dict[option_name, value]]]
self.options_dict = None
self.column_families = None
# Load the options from the given file to a dictionary.
# Setup the miscellaneous options expected to be List[str], where each
# element in the List has the format "<option_name>=<option_value>"
# These options are the ones that are not yet supported by the Rocksdb
# OPTIONS file, so they are provided separately
def setup_misc_options(self, misc_options):
self.misc_options = {}
if misc_options:
for option_pair_str in misc_options:
option_name = option_pair_str.split('=')[0].strip()
option_value = option_pair_str.split('=')[1].strip()
self.misc_options[option_name] = option_value
def load_from_source(self, options_path):
self.options_dict = {}
with open(options_path, 'r') as db_options:
for line in db_options:
line = OptionsSpecParser.remove_trailing_comment(line)
if not line:
if OptionsSpecParser.is_section_header(line):
curr_sec_type = (
curr_sec_name = OptionsSpecParser.get_section_name(line)
if curr_sec_type not in self.options_dict:
self.options_dict[curr_sec_type] = {}
if not curr_sec_name:
curr_sec_name = NO_COL_FAMILY
self.options_dict[curr_sec_type][curr_sec_name] = {}
# example: if the line read from the Rocksdb OPTIONS file
# is [CFOptions "default"], then the section type is
# CFOptions and 'default' is the name of a column family
# that for this database, so it's added to the list of
# column families stored in this object
if curr_sec_type == 'CFOptions':
if not self.column_families:
self.column_families = []
elif OptionsSpecParser.is_new_option(line):
key, value = OptionsSpecParser.get_key_value_pair(line)
self.options_dict[curr_sec_type][curr_sec_name][key] = (
error = 'Not able to parse line in Options file.'
OptionsSpecParser.exit_with_parse_error(line, error)
def get_misc_options(self):
# these are options that are not yet supported by the Rocksdb OPTIONS
# file, hence they are provided and stored separately
return self.misc_options
def get_column_families(self):
return self.column_families
def get_all_options(self):
# This method returns all the options that are stored in this object as
# a: Dict[<sec_type>.<option_name>: Dict[col_fam, option_value]]
all_options = []
# Example: in the section header '[CFOptions "default"]' read from the
# OPTIONS file, sec_type='CFOptions'
for sec_type in self.options_dict:
for col_fam in self.options_dict[sec_type]:
for opt_name in self.options_dict[sec_type][col_fam]:
option = sec_type + '.' + opt_name
return self.get_options(all_options)
def get_options(self, reqd_options):
# type: List[str] -> Dict[str, Dict[str, Any]]
# List[option] -> Dict[option, Dict[col_fam, value]]
reqd_options_dict = {}
for option in reqd_options:
if DatabaseOptions.is_misc_option(option):
# the option is not prefixed by '<section_type>.' because it is
# not yet supported by the Rocksdb OPTIONS file; so it has to
# be fetched from the misc_options dictionary
if option not in self.misc_options:
if option not in reqd_options_dict:
reqd_options_dict[option] = {}
reqd_options_dict[option][NO_COL_FAMILY] = (
# Example: option = 'TableOptions.BlockBasedTable.block_align'
# then, sec_type = 'TableOptions.BlockBasedTable'
sec_type = '.'.join(option.split('.')[:-1])
# opt_name = 'block_align'
opt_name = option.split('.')[-1]
if sec_type not in self.options_dict:
for col_fam in self.options_dict[sec_type]:
if opt_name in self.options_dict[sec_type][col_fam]:
if option not in reqd_options_dict:
reqd_options_dict[option] = {}
reqd_options_dict[option][col_fam] = (
return reqd_options_dict
def update_options(self, options):
# An example 'options' object looks like:
# {'DBOptions.max_background_jobs': {NO_COL_FAMILY: 2},
# 'CFOptions.write_buffer_size': {'default': 1048576, 'cf_A': 128000},
# 'bloom_bits': {NO_COL_FAMILY: 4}}
for option in options:
if DatabaseOptions.is_misc_option(option):
# this is a misc_option i.e. an option that is not yet
# supported by the Rocksdb OPTIONS file, so it is not prefixed
# by '<section_type>.' and must be stored in the separate
# misc_options dictionary
if NO_COL_FAMILY not in options[option]:
'WARNING(DatabaseOptions.update_options): not ' +
'updating option ' + option + ' because it is in ' +
'misc_option format but its scope is not ' +
NO_COL_FAMILY + '. Check format of option.'
self.misc_options[option] = options[option][NO_COL_FAMILY]
sec_name = '.'.join(option.split('.')[:-1])
opt_name = option.split('.')[-1]
if sec_name not in self.options_dict:
self.options_dict[sec_name] = {}
for col_fam in options[option]:
# if the option is not already present in the dictionary,
# it will be inserted, else it will be updated to the new
# value
if col_fam not in self.options_dict[sec_name]:
self.options_dict[sec_name][col_fam] = {}
self.options_dict[sec_name][col_fam][opt_name] = (
def generate_options_config(self, nonce):
# this method generates a Rocksdb OPTIONS file in the INI format from
# the options stored in self.options_dict
this_path = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
file_name = '../temp/OPTIONS_' + str(nonce) + '.tmp'
file_path = os.path.join(this_path, file_name)
with open(file_path, 'w') as fp:
for section in self.options_dict:
for col_fam in self.options_dict[section]:
OptionsSpecParser.get_section_str(section, col_fam) +
for option in self.options_dict[section][col_fam]:
values = self.options_dict[section][col_fam][option]
OptionsSpecParser.get_option_str(option, values) +
return file_path
def check_and_trigger_conditions(self, conditions):
for cond in conditions:
reqd_options_dict = self.get_options(cond.options)
# This contains the indices of options that are specific to some
# column family and are not database-wide options.
incomplete_option_ix = []
options = []
missing_reqd_option = False
for ix, option in enumerate(cond.options):
if option not in reqd_options_dict:
'WARNING(DatabaseOptions.check_and_trigger): ' +
'skipping condition ' + + ' because it '
'requires option ' + option + ' but this option is' +
' not available'
missing_reqd_option = True
break # required option is absent
if NO_COL_FAMILY in reqd_options_dict[option]:
if missing_reqd_option:
# if all the options are database-wide options
if not incomplete_option_ix:
if eval(cond.eval_expr):
cond.set_trigger({NO_COL_FAMILY: options})
except Exception as e:
'WARNING(DatabaseOptions) check_and_trigger:' + str(e)
# for all the options that are not database-wide, we look for their
# values specific to column families
col_fam_options_dict = {}
for col_fam in self.column_families:
present = True
for ix in incomplete_option_ix:
option = cond.options[ix]
if col_fam not in reqd_options_dict[option]:
present = False
options[ix] = reqd_options_dict[option][col_fam]
if present:
if eval(cond.eval_expr):
col_fam_options_dict[col_fam] = (
except Exception as e:
'WARNING(DatabaseOptions) check_and_trigger: ' +
# Trigger for an OptionCondition object is of the form:
# Dict[col_fam_name: List[option_value]]
# where col_fam_name is the name of a column family for which
# 'eval_expr' evaluated to True and List[option_value] is the list
# of values of the options specified in the condition's 'options'
# field
if col_fam_options_dict: