RocksDB 3.2 release

@ljinfb ljinfb released this Jun 27, 2014 · 2 commits to 3.2.fb since this release

New Features in RocksDB 3.2:

  • PlainTable now supports a new key encoding: for keys of the same prefix, the prefix is only written once. It can be enabled through encoding_type paramter of NewPlainTableFactory()
  • Add AdaptiveTableFactory, which is used to convert from a DB of PlainTable to BlockBasedTabe, or vise versa. It can be created using NewAdaptiveTableFactory()

Public API changes

  • We removed seek compaction as a concept from RocksDB because:
  • Add two paramters to NewHashLinkListRepFactory() for logging on too many entries in a hash bucket when flushing.
  • Added new option BlockBasedTableOptions::hash_index_allow_collision. When enabled, prefix hash index for block-based table will not store prefix and allow hash collision, reducing memory consumption.

All the commits: 3.1.fb...3.2.fb