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#include "xhp.hpp"
#include "xhp_preprocess.hpp"
#include "fastpath.hpp"
#include <sstream>
using namespace std;
extern int xhpdebug;
#include <iostream>
XHPResult xhp_preprocess(istream &in, string &out, bool isEval, string &errDescription, uint32_t &errLineno) {
// Read stream to string
stringbuf sb;
in >> noskipws >> &sb;
string buffer = sb.str();
return xhp_preprocess(buffer, out, isEval, errDescription, errLineno);
XHPResult xhp_preprocess(string &in, string &out, bool isEval, string &errDescription, uint32_t &errLineno) {
xhp_flags_t flags;
memset(&flags, 0, sizeof(xhp_flags_t));
flags.eval = isEval;
flags.short_tags = true;
flags.idx_expr = true;
return xhp_preprocess(in, out, errDescription, errLineno, flags);
XHPResult xhp_preprocess(std::string &in, std::string &out, std::string &errDescription, uint32_t &errLineno, const xhp_flags_t &flags) {
// Early bail if the code doesn't contain anything that looks like XHP
char* buffer = const_cast<char*>(in.c_str());
if (!xhp_fastpath(buffer, in.length(), flags)) {
return XHPDidNothing;
// Create a flex buffer
in.reserve(in.size() + 1);
buffer = const_cast<char*>(in.c_str());
buffer[in.size() + 1] = 0; // need double NULL for scan_buffer
// Parse the PHP
void* scanner;
code_rope new_code;
yy_extra_type extra;
extra.idx_expr = flags.idx_expr;
extra.insert_token = flags.eval ? T_OPEN_TAG_FAKE : 0;
extra.short_tags = flags.short_tags;
extra.asp_tags = flags.asp_tags;
xhpset_extra(&extra, scanner);
xhp_scan_buffer(buffer, in.size() + 2, scanner);
#ifdef DEBUG
xhpdebug = 1;
xhpparse(scanner, &new_code);
// Check to see what happened
if (extra.terminated) {
errDescription = extra.error;
errLineno = extra.lineno;
return XHPErred;
} else if (!extra.used) {
return XHPDidNothing;
} else {
out = new_code.c_str();
return XHPRewrote;
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