issue with function xhp_x__base::__xhpAttributeDeclaration()? #21

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jshaw86 commented Feb 15, 2011

I did a fresh clone from github and got the below error
ErrorException [ Strict ]: Static function xhp_x__base::__xhpAttributeDeclaration() should not be abstract

I hacked it here to fix it: jshaw86@c5457f4, i didn't do a code trace though so I'm not sure what exactly the implication of the fix is. I'm running PHP 5.3.5 in strict error mode, I'll submit a pull request if that is actually correct.

21dec commented Apr 7, 2011

change the php.ini
error_reporting=E_ALL | E_STRICT

philix commented Apr 9, 2011

Given how PHP handle inheritance of static methods/attributes it doesn't make sense to make this method abstract.

A fast workaround for this is to provide a implementation that throws an error when called (base::__xhpAttributeDeclaration() should never be called).

protected static function &__xhpAttributeDeclaration() { assert(false); }

philix commented Apr 9, 2011

After reading the message on this commit 9d49b01 I think the best solution is to comment the method declaration on the base class.

@Swahvay Swahvay closed this Nov 8, 2012
Swahvay commented Nov 8, 2012
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