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A beginning express implementation for Parse Cloud Code Webhooks
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An ExpressJS based Parse Cloud Code Webhooks server.

For deployment on Heroku, switch to the Heroku branch.

Getting Started

Using npm, install the required modules:

npm install

Cloud Code Webhooks requires an HTTPS connection, and so a valid SSL certificate is required. Self-signed certificates are not accepted.

Update the locations at the top of server.js to point to your certificate and private key files, or place the files in this folder named private-key.pem and certificate.pem. These files will be ignored by git.

Create a file named webhook.key and in it place the secret key from the settings for your app.

echo "YourWebhookKeyHere" >> webhook.key

Create routes in server.js for your different cloud code triggers and cloud functions. Examples are provided.

Start the server to listen for connections:

node server.js

It's common to use a daemon like forever to keep your script running in the background and for it to restart if it happens to crash. You can install forever and start the daemon like so:

npm install forever -g
forever start server.js