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Hover over sections of code to see relevant information in a tooltip.


Datatips can display one or more blocks of Markdown-formatted text or highlighted snippets of code.

Datatips can be pinned to be persistent using the small 'pin' button.

You can customize the delay for showing and hiding datatips from the "atom-ide-datatip" section in the atom-ide-ui package settings.

Service API

Consume the datatip Atom service by adding this to your package.json:

"consumedServices": {
  "datatip": {
    "versions": {
      "0.1.0": "consumeDatatipService"

Then, in your package entry point, add:

export function consumeDatatipService(datatipService) {}

datatipService will be a DatatipService object as described in atom-ide-datatip/lib/types.js.

Use the DatatipService to register providers with addProvider. addModifierProvider may be used to register datatips that require trigger keys: one example is definition previews, which appear when using the Hyperclick modifier key.

For each provider:

  • grammarScopes should be a list of scope names of grammars that the provider should apply to.
  • priority will be used to disambiguate between multiple providers. The highest priority provider that returns a non-null result will be displayed.
  • Return a valid Datatip object from the datatip function. Using the MarkedString form is preferred to avoid having to create a custom React component.

Finally, createPinnedDataTip may be used to dynamically create pinned datatips at any time.

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