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Default Keybindings

Remember, you can always search through all the commands via the Command Palette (cmd-shift-P).

As with all Atom commands, feel free to customize these to whichever keybindings you prefer in your keymap.cson.


Feature Command MacOS Windows/Linux
Format Code code-format:format-code cmd-shift-c ctrl-shift-c
Toggle Datatip datatip:toggle opt / cmd-opt alt / ctrl-alt
Toggle Diagnostics diagnostics:toggle-table opt-shift-d alt-shift-d
Go to First Diagnostic diagnostics:go-to-first-diagnostic opt-ctrl-< alt-ctrl-<
Go to Last Diagnostic diagnostics:go-to-last-diagnostic opt-ctrl-> alt-ctrl->
Go to Previous Diagnostic diagnostics:go-to-previous-diagnostic opt-< alt-<
Go to Next Diagnostic diagnostics:go-to-next-diagnostic opt-> alt->
Show Code Actions diagnostics:show-actions-at-position opt-a alt-a
Apply Diagnostic Fixes diagnostics:fix-all-in-current-file opt-shift-a alt-shift-a
Find References find-references:activate cmd-opt-shift-f ctrl-alt-shift-f
Toggle Outline View outline-view:toggle opt-o alt-o
Hyperclick hyperclick:confirm-cursor cmd-opt-enter ctrl-alt-enter


Feature Command MacOS Windows/Linux
Step Over debugger:step-over F10 F10
Step Into debugger:step-into F11 F11
Step Out debugger:step-out shift-F11 shift-F11
Continue debugger:continue-debugging F8 F8
Toggle Breakpoint debugger:toggle-breakpoint F9 F9
Run to location debugger:toggle-breakpoint shift-F8 shift-F8
Stop debugger:stop-debugging shift-F5 shift-F5
Restart debugger:restart-debugging cmd-shift-F8 ctrl-shift-F8
Show Launch Dialog debugger:show-launch-dialog cmd-F8 ctrl-F8
Show Attach Dialog debugger:show-attach-dialog cmd-shift-a ctrl-shift-a