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Use the outline-view:toggle command to open the Outline panel.


The Outline feature displays a tree view of all symbols in the active editor, along with the ability to filter on a search keyword and jump to selected symbols.

You can also select the editor range corresponding to an outline view entry by simply double-clicking it.

Service API

You can provide the Outline Atom service by adding the following to your package.json:

"providedServices": {
  "outline-view": {
    "versions": {
      "0.1.0": "provideOutlines"

Then, in your package entry point, add:

export function provideOutlines(): OutlineProvider {
  return ...

The return value must be a OutlineProvider object as defined in atom-ide-outline-view/lib/types.js.

Outlines are normally re-fetched after every edit, but you can provide an updateOnEdit field of false to only re-fetch on save.

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