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Signature Help (WIP)

This is a work-in-progress UI for the LSP's textDocument/signatureHelp.

Signature Help

Signature help can be triggered in two ways:

  1. By typing a character contained in triggerCharacters from a provider for the current editor's grammar scope.
  2. By manually activating the signature-help:view Atom command.

Once activated, all signature help providers (matching the current grammar scope) will continuously be queried for signatures when the cursor location changes, regardless of the value of triggerCharacters.

Signatures will be displayed in a small datatip above the current cursor until all providers return a null or empty signature for a cursor location, at which point signature help will become deactivated until triggered again.

Service API

You can consume the signature help Atom service by adding the following to your package.json:

"consumedServices": {
  "signature-help": {
    "versions": {
      "0.1.0": "consumeSignatureHelp"

Then, in your package entry point, add:

export function consumeSignatureHelp(registry: SignatureHelpRegistry): IDisposable {
  return ...

registry will be a function to be called with a single argument: a SignatureHelpProvider object as described in atom-ide-signature-help/lib/types.js.