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Add MemtableSizeInMB and MemtableObjectCountInMillions to the default…

… config. Uses a more conservative value for MemtableSizeInMB the default. Patch by Eric Evans; reviewed by jbellis for #51
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1 parent 75d4390 commit 98c808e2e8af4a10d33e5d1267f1ed9fb58f78f3 Jonathan Ellis committed Apr 15, 2009
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13 conf/storage-conf.xml
@@ -22,6 +22,19 @@
+ <!--
+ The maximum amount of data to store in a memtable before flushing it to
+ disk. Note: There is one memtable per column family, and this threshold
+ is based solely on the amount of data stored, not actual heap memory
+ usage (there is some overhead in indexing the columns).
+ -->
+ <MemtableSizeInMB>64</MemtableSizeInMB>
+ <!--
+ The maximum number of columns in millions. Like MemtableSizeInMB above,
+ this is used to impose a limit on how large a memtable can grow before
+ it is flushed to disk.
+ -->
+ <MemtableObjectCountInMillions>1</MemtableObjectCountInMillions>

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