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added .travis.yml for Continuous Integration #19

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I would propose adding .travis.yml for public continuous integration.

test suites of this repo seems ready for Travis environment.!/yandod/facebook-php-sdk/jobs/1102920

I'm sure running CI on public environment will show healthiness of sdk to all php developers.



Love it, can't wait to see fb-sdk on travis :)


Thanks @yanod!

@daaku daaku merged commit 62ca8e9 into facebookarchive:master

Do not forget to enable service hook for master repo.

And I'm actually "YANDO" :smile:


Oops, sorry -- I though I used the autocomplete but apparently I can't type :) Thanks @yandod !


may :octocat: be with u.

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Commits on Apr 16, 2012
  1. @yandod

    add .travis.yml for CI

    yandod authored
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5 .travis.yml
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+language: php
+ - 5.3
+ - 5.4
+script: phpunit --stderr --bootstrap tests/bootstrap.php tests/tests.php
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