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bartekn commented Jun 28, 2012

This PR adds ETag support. Example of usage:

$facebook = ...
$query = '/zuck';

// Get ETag for a query
$result = $facebook->api($query);
$etag = $facebook->getReceivedETag();

// Check if something has changed
if ($facebook->isETagHit())
    // ETag has not changed
    // ETag has changed, save new:
    $new_etag = $facebook->getReceivedETag();

PS. Test case added in tests/tests.php (testETags).


gfosco commented Oct 15, 2013

Sorry it took so long to respond to this. Can you sign the Contributor License Agreement?

At this time, there are merge conflicts. Would you be willing to update this for the current master?

Thanks for your contribution.

bartekn commented Oct 15, 2013

Fixed to be up to date with facebook:master and signed the Contributor License Agreement.


gfosco commented Oct 19, 2013

Really appreciate your work here, and like the idea. This is a sizable enough addition that we'd like to thoroughly design and develop the feature in-house, preferably after some other modernization releases. This will be tracked by issue #105.

gfosco closed this Oct 19, 2013

revetkn referenced this pull request in restfb/restfb Feb 12, 2014


ETag support #106

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