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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<title>About Facebook Toolbar</title>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="chrome://facebook/skin/about.css" />
<div class="arrow">
<img src="chrome://facebook/skin/images/about/arrow.png" alt="Click the button to start" />
<span>Log In and Authenticate to Start</span>
<div class="wrap">
<div class="header">
<h1>Thanks for installing the Facebook Toolbar!</h1>
<div class="login">
<h2>First Log in and Authorize the application!</h2>
<img src="chrome://facebook/skin/images/about/fb-login.png" alt="Login" />
<img class="arrowr" src="chrome://facebook/skin/images/about/fb-arrow01.png" alt="Arrow Right" />
<img class="right" src="chrome://facebook/skin/images/about/fb-authorize.png" alt="Authorize" />
<div class="use">
<h2>Then start having fun using it!</h2>
<img class="arrowd" src="chrome://facebook/skin/images/about/fb-arrow02.png" alt="Arrow Down" />
<img src="chrome://facebook/skin/images/about/fb-use.png" alt="Use" />
<div class="column1">
<div class="listpoint">1</div>
<p>Open the <span>Friends Sidebar</span>, a list of your friends with their latest status updates.</p>
<div class="column2">
<div class="listpoint">2</div>
<span>Search Facebook</span>
<p>Search instantly right from the <span>Firefox location bar</span>, or for your friends from the toolbar.
<div class="column3">
<div class="listpoint">3</div>
<span>Quick Links</span>
<p>Easily access your Facebook pages or change your toolbar settings.</p>
<div class="column1">
<div class="listpoint">4</div>
<p>Go to your profile.</p>
<div class="column2">
<div class="listpoint">5</div>
<p>Tells you how many unseen requests you have.</p>
<div class="column3">
<div class="listpoint">6</div>
<p>Like a page as you browse, and see the number of Likes for a page.</p>
<div class="column1">
<div class="listpoint">7</div>
<p><span>Share</span> the current page you're viewing with your Facebook friends!</p>
<div class="column2">
<div class="listpoint">8</div>
<p><span>Upload</span> photos.</p>
<div class="column3">
<div class="listpoint">9</div>
<span>Status update</span>
<p>Share what you're doing.</p>
<div class="column1">
<div class="listpoint">10</div>
<span>Log out</span>
<p>Log out when you're done.</p>
<div class="footer">
<p id="copyright">Facebook &copy; 2012</p>
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