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content facebook chrome/content/
overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul chrome://facebook/content/toolbar.xul
skin facebook classic/1.0 chrome/skin/
style chrome://global/content/customizeToolbar.xul chrome://facebook/skin/toolbar.css
locale facebook ar chrome/locale/ar/
locale facebook da chrome/locale/da/
locale facebook de chrome/locale/de/
locale facebook de-DE chrome/locale/de/
locale facebook en-US chrome/locale/en-US/
locale facebook es-MX chrome/locale/es-MX/
locale facebook es-CL chrome/locale/es-MX/
locale facebook es-AR chrome/locale/es-MX/
locale facebook es-ES chrome/locale/es-ES/
locale facebook fr chrome/locale/fr/
locale facebook he chrome/locale/he/
locale facebook id chrome/locale/id/
locale facebook it chrome/locale/it/
locale facebook ja chrome/locale/ja/
locale facebook ja-JP chrome/locale/ja/
locale facebook nl chrome/locale/nl/
locale facebook pt-BR chrome/locale/pt-BR/
locale facebook sv-SE chrome/locale/sv-SE/
locale facebook tr chrome/locale/tr/
locale facebook zh-CN chrome/locale/zh-CN/
locale facebook zh-TW chrome/locale/zh-TW/
# Ukranian is no longer being updated
#locale facebook uk chrome/locale/uk/
interfaces components/facebook.xpt
component {e983db0e-05fc-46e7-9fba-a22041c894ac} components/facebook.js
contract;1 {e983db0e-05fc-46e7-9fba-a22041c894ac}
category profile-after-change Facebook;1
# XPCOM - about.js
component {e0ac3100-952a-46d9-83c0-dbe161a59a69} components/about.js
contract;1?what=facebooktoolbar {e0ac3100-952a-46d9-83c0-dbe161a59a69}
# XPCOM - typeahead search in awesome bar
component {d9b6cb20-ef5c-11e0-be50-0800200c9a66} components/fbRemoteAutoComplete.js
contract;1?name=facebook-toolbar-remote-autocomplete {d9b6cb20-ef5c-11e0-be50-0800200c9a66}
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