An open-source lint program for C++ developed by, and formerly used at Facebook.
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This project is not actively maintained. Proceed at your own risk!

flint: Facebook's C++ Linter

flint is an open-source lint program for C++ developed and used at Facebook.

flint is published on Github at; for discussions, there is a Google group at

There are two versions of flint. The main one (flint/*.d) is written in the D programming language and is supported going forward. We also provide our older implementation in C++ (flint/cxx/*.cpp) for historical perspective and comparison purposes.

Currently flint's build has only been tested on Ubuntu. The motivated user should have no problem adapting it to other systems. More officially supported OSs to follow.


To Build

autoreconf --install
LDFLAGS=-L<double-conversion> CPPFLAGS=-I<double-conversion>/src configure ...