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#!/usr/bin/env python
Reads the automatically generated Hadoop pom file, removes the "optional"
flag from dependencies so that they could be included transitively into other
projects such as HBase, and removes certain dependencies that are not required
and could even break the code (e.g. an old version of xerces). Writes the
modified project object model XML to standard output.
import os
import re
import sys
import subprocess
from xml.dom.minidom import parse
# Old version, breaks HBase
# Not used in production
# A release audit tool, probably not used in prod
def get_output(doc):
out_lines = doc.toprettyxml(indent=' ' * 2)
lines = []
for l in out_lines.split('\n'):
l = l.rstrip()
if l:
output = '\n'.join(lines)
# Make sure values stay on the same line: <element>value</element>
output = re.sub(
r'(</\2>)', r'\1\3\4', output)
return output
def branch_to_version_mapping(branch) :
# Do not update pom file unless its a hdfs RC.
if branch == 'default' or branch == 'trunk':
return -1
return ord(branch[0]) - ord('a') + 1
def modify_pom(pom_file, maven_version):
doc = parse(pom_file)
version = doc.getElementsByTagName('version')[0]
version.firstChild.nodeValue = maven_version
deps = doc.getElementsByTagName('dependencies')[0]
dep_version = deps.getElementsByTagName('dependency')[0].getElementsByTagName('version')[0]
dep_version.firstChild.nodeValue = maven_version
f1=open(pom_file, 'w+')
POM_FILE = 'build/ivy/maven/generated.pom'
doc = parse(POM_FILE)
deps = doc.getElementsByTagName('dependencies')[0]
for dep in deps.getElementsByTagName('dependency'):
for c in dep.childNodes:
if (c.nodeName == 'artifactId' and
c.firstChild and
c.firstChild.nodeValue and
c.firstChild.nodeValue.strip() in NON_TRANSITIVE_DEPS):
for o in dep.getElementsByTagName('optional'):
p = subprocess.Popen(['./'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
branch_and_version, err = p.communicate()
splits = branch_and_version.split('-')
branch = splits[0]
branch_to_version = branch_to_version_mapping(branch)
if branch_to_version != -1 :
maven_version = "%s.%s" % (branch_to_version, splits[1])
# Update the pom with the version specified.
version = doc.getElementsByTagName('version')[0]
version.firstChild.nodeValue = maven_version
# Update the pom with correct artifactId specified.
artifactId = doc.getElementsByTagName('artifactId')[0]
artifactId.firstChild.nodeValue = "hadoop-hdfs"
# Add the branch name to the pom
root = doc.documentElement
firstChild = root.childNodes[0]
name = doc.createElementNS(None,'name')
txt = doc.createTextNode(branch)
root.insertBefore(name, firstChild)
modify_pom('highavailability.pom', maven_version)
modify_pom('raid.pom', maven_version)
modify_pom('seekablecompression.pom', maven_version)
print get_output(doc)