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1 parent 870d3eb commit ed257745b90c3a1d5f77f4b6190671ee4adc1c74 @weiyanwang weiyanwang committed May 4, 2012
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@@ -230,5 +230,4 @@ Release 0.20.3 + FB - Unreleased.
HDFS-955 Fix Edits log/Save FSImage bugs
HADOOP-6683 the first optimization: ZlibCompressor does not fully utilize the buffer
HADOOP-7111 Several TFile tests failing when native libraries are present
- HADOOP-7444 Add Checksum API to verify and calculate checksums "in bulk" (todd)
- HADOOP-7443 Add CRC32C as another DataChecksum implementation (todd)
+ HDFS-2139 Fast copy for HDFS.

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