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ekoontz commented Jun 29, 2012

Giraph ('s facebook profile has the following:


However Facebook's build.xml and do not conform to this.

@aching aching was assigned Jun 29, 2012

@aching could you take a look? I am not familiar with giraph. Thanks!

aching commented Jul 2, 2012

Eugene, thanks for looking into this. I think the dependency should rather be org.apache.hadoop instea od com.facebook.hadoop. My bad.

nitay commented Oct 20, 2012

@aching can we revisit this? I disagree with you, I think the groupId should definitely be com.facebook.hadoop as @ekoontz has it. In fact if you look at the main maven repo there are a few groups that publish hadoop jars ( That is the whole point of setting the groupId to the company so you know who is providing it.

Anyways, can we get this in? I this we should get the facebook jar published all the way up to maven. See e.g. I can take this on this step after we get this diff in. Then the whole hack with user specifying path to jar can be taken out altogether and people will be able to build off of Facebook's hadoop just as easily as any other profile in Giraph.


aching commented Oct 20, 2012

That seems reasonable. Let me ask around on Monday and see if anyone uses this script.

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