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NOTE: This package is now a bundled version of the code in atom-ide-ui. Please refer to the atom-ide-ui repository to view or modify the source.

Pluggable text-clicking UI for Atom.

Hyperclick is triggered by two events:

  • <cmd> or <cmd-mousemove> underlines clickable text under the mouse.
  • <cmd-mousedown> performs the action associated with the clickable text.
  • <cmd-alt-enter> performs the action on the text under the cursor.

Known Providers

Check out the wiki:


Install hyperclick with this demo package to recreate the screencast below.


Provider API


Declare the provider callback in the package.json (e.g. getProvider).

"providedServices": {
  "hyperclick": {
    "versions": {
      "0.1.0": "getProvider"

NOTE: Providers for hyperclick.provider@0.0.0 are still accepted, but that naming is now deprecated. Please use hyperclick@0.1.0 for new providers.

Define the provider callback in lib/main.js.

export function getProvider() {
  return {
    priority: 1
    grammarScopes: ['source.js'], // JavaScript files
      textEditor: TextEditor,
      text: string,
      range: Range
    ): ?HyperclickSuggestion {
      return {
        // The range(s) to underline as a visual cue for clicking.
        // The function to call when the underlined text is clicked.
        callback() {},


You must define one of these methods on the provider:

  • getSuggestionForWord(textEditor: TextEditor, text: string, range: Range)

    Use this to provide a suggestion for single-word matches. Optionally set wordRegExp on the provider to adjust word-matching.

    • textEditor: The text editor the event originated from.
    • text: The string containing the word under the mouse.
    • range: The buffer position of text in the text editor.
  • getSuggestion(textEditor: TextEditor, position: Point)

    Use this to provide a suggestion if it can have non-contiguous ranges. A primary use-case for this is Objective-C methods.

    • textEditor: The text editor the event originated from.
    • position: The buffer position of the mouse in the text editor.

The methods return a suggestion or a Promise that resolves to a suggestion:

  • range: A range or array of ranges to underline as a visual cue for clicking.

    To distinguish ranges and arrays, this can't be a Range-compatible array. For example, use new Range([0, 0], [0, 10]) instead of [[0, 0], [0, 10]].

  • callback: The function to call when the underlined text is clicked.

    If there are multiple possibilities, this can be an array of objects with:

    • title: A string to present in the UI for the user to select.
    • rightLabel(optional): An indicator denoting the "kind" of suggestion this represents
    • callback: The function to call when the user selects this object.

Additional provider fields:

  • priority: The higher this is, the more precedence the provider gets.

    Hyperclick only returns suggestions from a single provider, so this is a workaround for providers to override others. priority defaults to 0.

  • grammarScopes: An (optional) Array of grammar scopeNames to provide suggestions for. Your provider will only be triggered in matching text editors.