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An open IDE for web and native mobile development, built on top of Atom
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.circleci circle 2.0 (#1587) Aug 9, 2018
flow-libs Add missing `atom.flow` definitions Dec 6, 2018
flow-typed Fix .first() usage to match new API for rxjs-compat Oct 31, 2018
jest Remove `highlight-selected` from Nuclide, uninstall it, and migrate i… Dec 6, 2018
lib Remove `updatePatchList` atom TextEditor Patching Dec 6, 2018
pkg pretty error message for cert not yet valid Dec 6, 2018
resources add on demand icon Sep 24, 2018
scripts Fix race condition in release-generate-proxies Nov 26, 2018
spec remove/change all references to port 9090 since it is no longer open … Nov 19, 2018
.bigdig.toml Add a .bigdig.toml flow with Flow configured. Jun 23, 2018
.eslintignore Ignore eclipse dir in eslint Nov 5, 2018
.eslintrc.js Update eslint-plugin-react to 7.11.1 Oct 23, 2018
.flake8 Add .flake8 to Nuclide Jul 26, 2016
.flowconfig Flow v0.86.0 in xplat/nuclide Nov 14, 2018
.gitignore Include vscode as a devDependency Nov 16, 2018
.npmignore Add pkg/fb-cquery-rpc/third-party/VendorLib to npmignore Aug 10, 2018
.nycrc Add test coverage scripts Oct 10, 2017
.projections.json Remove unnecessary double star Mar 23, 2018
.yarnrc ignore optional dependencies by default Mar 15, 2018 Deprecate Nuclide's Jan 8, 2018 Update CoC for various projects Aug 2, 2018 Update CoC for various projects Aug 2, 2018
DEVELOPMENT Use /DEVELOPMENT file to denote running from source Nov 23, 2016 add Feb 18, 2016
LICENSE Update LICENSE copyright. Feb 9, 2016
Nuclide.project.toml Convert Nuclide project file to TOML Apr 24, 2018 Updating landing page text regarding Nuclide OSS depracation. Dec 12, 2018
jest.config.js Format all the files Sep 7, 2018
jest.nuclide-e2e-runner-config.js E2E Test screen recording Oct 2, 2018
lerna.json Bump modules to 0.7.3-dev Sep 5, 2018
nuclide-jest.config.js use xplat/js/scripts/node in Nuclide builds Oct 3, 2018
package.json Remove `highlight-selected` from Nuclide, uninstall it, and migrate i… Dec 6, 2018
yarn.lock Add readdir-enhanced package Nov 30, 2018


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Nuclide is a collection of features for Atom to provide IDE-like functionality for a variety of programming languages and technologies.

The Nuclide license has certain limitations around distribution and should not be considered an open source license. However, this does not affect your ability to fork the project and make contributions.


The full documentation for Nuclide provides information for:

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