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lintOnFly error - Need Help #387

Roadspill opened this issue Mar 6, 2016 · 11 comments

lintOnFly error - Need Help #387

Roadspill opened this issue Mar 6, 2016 · 11 comments


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@Roadspill Roadspill commented Mar 6, 2016

Issue and Steps to Reproduce

Upon loading Atom, I get this error. I'm not sure what it means, nor can I seem to find anything about it on the internet. I would like to figure out how to fix this, and better understand what it means.

_ERROR or ALERT MESSAGE (Not sure which, it's red)_

nuclide-diagnostics-store found problems with a linter. Diagnostic messages from that linter will be unavailable.

  • lintOnFly must be false for a linter with 'project' scope

Expected Behavior

Load Atom cleanly with no errors.

Actual Behavior

Same as above, loads Atom with an error.


  • Atom: 1.5.4
  • Nuclide: v120
  • Client OS: Mac OSX 10.11.3 (El Capitan)

Additional Details

Everything is up to date as of this moment.

/Users/home_directory/.atom/packages (44)
├── Sublime-Style-Column-Selection@1.5.1
├── atom-beautify@0.28.26
├── atom-ternjs@0.13.2
├── auto-detect-indentation@1.0.0
├── autoclose-html@0.23.0
├── autocomplete-modules@1.4.1
├── autocomplete-plus@2.29.1
├── autoprefixer@3.2.0
├── color-picker@2.1.1
├── csscomb@0.3.1
├── docblockr@0.7.3
├── editorconfig@1.2.4
├── emmet@2.4.2
├── file-icons@1.6.17
├── haskell-grammar@0.4.0
├── highlight-line@0.11.1
├── highlight-selected@0.11.2
├── javascript-snippets@1.2.1
├── jshint@1.8.3
├── language-babel@2.15.5
├── language-ini@1.14.0
├── language-ocaml@1.1.2
├── language-thrift@1.0.2
├── linter@1.11.3
├── linter-csslint@1.3.2
├── linter-eslint@7.0.0
├── linter-flow@4.1.0
├── linter-htmlhint@1.0.3
├── linter-jshint@2.0.2
├── minimap@4.19.0
├── minimap-highlight-selected@4.3.1
├── minimap-pigments@0.1.7
├── monokai-seti@0.7.0
├── nuclide@0.120.0
├── open-recent@5.0.0
├── pigments@0.24.2
├── react@0.14.1
├── save-session@0.16.0
├── seti-ui@0.9.1
├── solarized-seti-ui@0.8.6
├── sort-lines@0.14.0
├── todo-show@1.3.0
├── tool-bar@0.3.0
└── uglify@1.2.5

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@ssorallen ssorallen commented Mar 11, 2016

Nuclide's diagnostics clashes with the community "linter" package. @nmote, what's the current recommendation for linter / diagnostics?

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@nmote nmote commented Mar 17, 2016

Sorry for the delay in responding. Basically, you have a package installed the the Nuclide diagnostics package is not compatible with. I should improve the error message here to include the name of the package.

This error, specifically, I think is just a case of diagnostics being overly conservative. When I implemented this validation I wasn't sure what it would mean to have a project-level linter that could lint as you type, so I disallowed it. We could probably relax this restriction, though.

Anyway, this will only affect results from the one package that is triggering this error. It's almost certainly one of the linter- packages. If you like you could also go in to the Nuclide settings and disable the nuclide-diagnostics-* features and just use the linter package to display issues. You won't get Flow issues through nuclide-flow anymore, but it looks like you're using the linter-flow package which is compatible with linter.

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@jiangyuanhk jiangyuanhk commented Apr 9, 2016

Linter-Eslint works fine with diagnostics, but whenever linter-flow is enabled the error would appear. Wonder what's the best configuration for now?

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@export-mike export-mike commented Jun 8, 2016

@jiangyuanhk hey I'm getting this error as I'm using linter-flow and linter-eslint did you get anywhere with this?

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@export-mike export-mike commented Jun 8, 2016

@jiangyuanhk got it!
disable the linter, as mentioned here:

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@joshburgess joshburgess commented Jul 5, 2016

I'm pretty baffled by how to get rid of this error other than just completely disabling the nuclide-diagnostics-store...

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@nmote nmote commented Jul 7, 2016

I think the validation just has to be relaxed. Removing this if block should do it. Anyone want to put up a PR?

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@OvermindDL1 OvermindDL1 commented Sep 9, 2016

I currently get this error on every load, and I've disabled every linter. What is the proper fix for this?

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@nmote nmote commented Sep 9, 2016

I described what I think is the proper fix in my last comment. Feel free to put up a PR.

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@OvermindDL1 OvermindDL1 commented Sep 9, 2016

I did that locally as a test and it does resolve that specific issue, but some languages linter's functionality vanished. I think they rely on the GUI system within linter...

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@nmote nmote commented Sep 9, 2016

That sounds like a separate issue. If they are doing something too weird we won't bend over backwards to support it but if there's an obvious incompatibility with the linter API that should be fixed. In any case we'll need a separate issue with more details.

alvinthen added a commit to alvinthen/nuclide that referenced this issue Jan 12, 2017
Relax project scope lintOnFly validation as suggested in facebookarchive#387 (comment)
@alvinthen alvinthen mentioned this issue Jan 12, 2017
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