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Clarify title for spec

Make clear the spec applies to both 700W and 450W configurations.
commit 86be2010f06b45e502206c5bc248d77a5f735210 1 parent 9dc10dd
Pete Bratach authored
BIN  ...ompute_Project_700W_Power_Supply_v1.0.pdf → ...e_Project_700W_450W_Power_Supply_v1.0.pdf
Binary file not shown

7 comments on commit 86be201


The May 10's Data Center Presentation PDF unable to download ? Error from Blob, error message is bolb is too big ? any suggestion ? Thanks


William, when you say the data center presentation, you mean

I don't see that error with this PDF, but I do see it with the AMD 2.1/Roadrunner motherboard spec. Looking into this now...

Thanks for reporting.

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