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Semantic aware source code visualizer


codemap is a semantic aware source code visualizer. It's a X11 program that helps visualize, navigate, and search a large codebase. It can also be connected to an editor such as Emacs so that when you click somewhere in the codemap window it opens the appropriate file at the appropriate line in Emacs.

As you zoom in the codebase, codemap displays more information, a little bit like Google Earth: you first see only the files and directories, and then the important classes and functions, and then the important statements. By leveraging results from static and dynamic analysis codemap can "understand" the source code it is displaying and highlight the important parts. This helps understand quickly code you have never seen before. Also like Google Earth codemap provides layers that helps seeing the codebase through different angles.



Source code visualization.


The synopsis is:

$ codemap [-screen_size <int>] [-with_layers <dir>] [-with_db <db>] <dir>

Make sure you have generated the graph_code.marshall is generated before hand. You can build that using the codegraph command. Please visit the CodeGraph wiki for more.



Code visualization

Code search

Code navigation


Other features

See Features#Visualization.

More Screenshots

See Examples and Examples2 for screenshots of the tool applied to lots of different open source projects.


See Visualizer manual.


How to reduce the size of specific files in the treemap?

You can try to put big files in a 'big/' subdirectory. The "big" directory name is hardcoded in pfff code to be part of the "Data" category which is then artificially reduced on the treemap.

You can also create a skip_list.txt file at the toplevel. See and as an example see pfff own skip file:

Related work

Future work

See Roadmap#Visualizer

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