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Phabricator add-on for JIRA integration
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About Phabricator-JIRA

Note that this project is is deprecated. It is neither supported nor any longer the best way to integrate Phabricator with JIRA. This is an archived project and is no longer supported or updated by Facebook. Please do not file issues or pull-requests against this repo.

This package provides Phabricator extensions that allows integration between Differential code review tool and JIRA issue tracker.

This extensions should be used along with Arc-JIRA on the client side.


You should put phabricator-jira directory in the same place where you put arcanist, phabricator and libphutil directories.

cd where/I/put/phabricator
git clone git://

Edit your Phabricator config file, add phabricator-jira to Phabricator load path, and tell it to use provided event listeners.

'load-libraries' => array('phabricator-jira'),
'event.listeners' => array('JIRAMailListener', 'ThriftMarkGenerated'),

Included event listeners

JIRA mail listener

By default patches sent from differential have only Differential revision in their name. This listener will add JIRA issue id to attachment name for revisions created with Arc-JIRA.


Differential treats generated files differently, for example changes to those files are not showed by default, so you can concentrate on meaningful changes. If your project uses Thrift, this listener will allow Differential to recognise files generated by Thrift compiler.

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