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Checkout phpembed/trunk
(1) Update Change AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE version number. Commit.
(2) ./; ./configure;
(3) Run "make dist"
// creates a "phpembed-x.y.z.tar.gz" file
(4) Extract contents of tar gzip file. Remove all files / dirs except COPYING docs examples LICENSE NEWS README SConstruct src
/rm aclocal.m4 AUTHORS ChangeLog config.guess config.sub configure depcomp install-sh missing INSTALL
(5) Re tar / gzip into a new file named "phpembed-<year><mon><day>.tar.gz
(6) Verify content of tar file. Try a build etc.
(7) Check into svn+ssh://tubbs/svnroot/projects/phpembed
(8) Hand over to Boz / Shire to opensource.