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PHPEMBED: more english

Summary: why did diffcamp leave this out?

Reviewed By: epriestley

Test Plan: english

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boz committed Mar 24, 2008
1 parent e815780 commit 1ec22ae1d972c79870d23cf060e8cee7fa8f38c1
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@@ -71,6 +71,8 @@ <H1><A NAME="SECTION00070000000000000000">
HREF="node15.html"><I>Why do I keep running out of memory?</I></A>
<LI><A NAME="tex2html385"
HREF="node16.html"><I>Can I have multiple instances of PHPEmbed in one program?</I></A>
+<LI><A NAME="tex2html3852"
+ HREF="node162.html"><I>Is the PHPEmbed library reentrant?</I></A>
<LI><A NAME="tex2html386"
HREF="node17.html"><I>Will this library work on my platform?</I></A>

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